Should I Wear Contact Lenses?

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Should I wear Contact Lenses

For those of you with prescription eye glasses, the struggle of playing sports, swimming, and a night on the town is too real. Making the switch over to contact lenses is desirable, but it’s not without its share of concerns and questions. You might find yourself often asking “should I wear contact lenses?” Here are the facts you should know before taking the plunge and booking a contact lens exam.


Hands down, contact lenses are the best option between lenses and glasses when it comes to any sort of sport or high-impact activity. Contact lenses provide the wearer with enhanced visual skills, peripheral awareness, depth perception and better hand-eye/eye-foot coordination. Glasses tend to slide off, reduce peripheral vision, and can prevent one from wearing protective eyewear. Contact lenses stay put in dynamic conditions and eliminate any risk of glasses-related injuries.

Due to the high risk of eye infections, we do not recommend wearing contacts for water sports. Overall, if you are highly active, contact lenses will improve the quality of your game and provide an easy alternative to glasses.


Some of you may be concerned with the risks associated with contact lenses, and are worried that prolonged use of lenses will cause problems. Millions of people have been using contact lenses for decades and find that they are the best solution for their lives. Of course, your health care professional will be the one to determine what is the best fit for you personally, but overall, contact lenses, when handled correctly, are a great alternative.

Ensuring you follow the correct procedures in inserting, removing, cleaning, handling, and storing your lenses is vital in continuing to see positive results. Opting for lenses that are high in oxygen flow will help in maintaining good eye health and will allow you to wear them for longer periods of time, without getting dry eyes.


Often, glasses wearers are wary to try contact lenses because they have a fear of touching their eye. This is quite common, and while it does take some getting used to, in a few tries, it’ll be a no-brainer. A good way to practice prior to actually using a lens is to put a small drop of water on your fingertip and bring it to your eye. It might take a few tries for this to feel comfortable, however trying this, along with getting some help from your optician will have you on the contact lens track in no time. Always ensure your hands are washed and clean before touching your eye, and especially before removing or inserting contact lenses.


Contact lenses are generally daily-wear, meaning you insert them in the morning, and take them out before bed. Some are available that allow you to sleep in them, and definitely consult your eye care professional before taking a call on that. In common practice, people remove their lenses prior to bed.

Contact lenses limit the amount of oxygen flowing into your eyes, so wearing them while sleeping can be risky. Getting into the habit of removing them daily will only take a few days and soon you’ll be questioning why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Stop asking yourself “should I wear contact lenses” and find comfort and convenience in easy prescription eyewear. Contact us to book a contact lens exam today.

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