Laser Vision Correction

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts all the time? There are now many safe and effective laser vision correction methods available. When it comes to refractive surgeries, the most popular surgery performed is LASIK because it is a relatively painless procedure with a very short recovery time. However there are a number of things that can disqualify someone from LASIK vision correction.

Fortunately, there are alternative options for patients with high prescriptions or thin corneas who are deemed poor laser vision correction candidates. Our doctors will perform a comprehensive exam and review your options with you.

In Partnership With Advanced Laser Vision & Surgical Institute

Clear Lake Eye Center is proud to participate in the co-management of laser correction surgery evaluation and post-operative care with Advanced Laser Vision & Surgical Institute. Together we provide care for you before and after your refractive surgery, with eye doctors who know your history and your eyes.

Advanced Laser Vision & Surgical Institute is a premier all-laser LASIK practice located in Houston, Texas. They offer the latest state of the art procedures such as iLASIK and PRK for correction of farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and nearsightedness (myopia) as well as micro-incision cataract surgery including multifocal intraocular lens options such as ReSTOR and Tecnis®.