Clear Lake Eye Center is proud to provide the best quality frames and lenses available. We have a two year warranty on most of our products and a guaranteed fit on all glasses. We know your vision and ability to see clearly and comfortably can enhance the quality of life. Therefore, we want the very best for our patients. We also know people want to look great while wearing their glasses and we strive to keep the latest fashion frames in stock and pair them up with the best quality lenses.

Featured Brands

We also offer the following brands: Adidas, Anne Klein, BCBG, Bebe, Dana Buchman, Diesel, Ellen Tracy, Nike, Vera Bradley, Vera Wang, Wiley X. Our certified opticians are always here to help you select the best style and to guide you with the best lens choices for your vision requirements.

The WOW Frame & Lens Warranty

We gladly unconditionally warranty our frames and lenses.
(Yes, even when the dog chews on them! )

Our Total Warranty is against breakage of any kind, or lens scratch or defect for any reason for a total of 24 months from the original date of purchase. *

*SPECIAL NOTE: Warranty is only available for 12 months with Spectera, United Healthcare and Davis Vision plans. Your warranty does not cover loss or theft. In the event you need to utilize your warranty, you must return your old lenses and/or frames.


No two eyes are exactly the same so why should one type of lens fit all?

We are proud to have the Visioffice technology in our office to provide our patients with the most personalized HD vision possible! The Visioffice computerized measuring system is an innovative technology, made by Essilor, that allows our opticians to quickly and accurately measure frame wrap, vertex distance, posture, pupilary distance, segment height, and pantoscopic tilt, allowing the most precise and personalized vision anywhere you look through the glasses.

Essilor Varilux S4D Progressive Lens

From the first progressive lens maker, Essilor, now presenting the best and most personalized progressive lens!

Have you ever heard of someone who had trouble adapting to their progressive glasses? That is because traditional progressive lenses can cause “swim”, or a feeling like the world around you is moving, causing some patients to feel dizzy when they are on the move. Some people can also notice peripheral blur through their lenses, forcing them to adapt to a lateral head movement when they have to glance from side to side.

Varilux S4D lenses use revolutionary Nanoptix™, 4D, and SynchronEyes Technologies to virtually eliminate swim, so you can get the vision you had before you wore progressive lenses. Nanoptix Technology allows us to change the fundamental structure of a progressive lens. For the first time, a lens that not only virtually eliminates swim effect, but also offers never before achieved stability in motion. 4D Technology, exclusively available with the Visioffice© System, takes into account of the patient’s dominant eye during gaze change, allowing the wearer to experience gaze shifts so quick and automatic, resulting in vision that is truly reflexive. SynchronEyes Technology uses the prescription from both the left and right eyes to simultaneously calculate the lenses as a pair. This ensures that the your lenses are designed around both eyes working synergistically as a visual system allowing better retinal image matching and improved spatial perception, ultimately providing more expansive vision from edge to edge than ever before available in a progressive lens.

Concerning Oakley, Ray Ban and Luxottica:

As a private independent optical we believe in the quality of our medical examinations and the value of our services. We know that you come here because of the level of attention that we give your vision needs. Our glasses and contact technology is at the leading edge of the industry, and we will always strive to stay competitive with the quality of our products and services. We believe in our brands, the story they tell and the quality they provide. We want to stay true to our patients and to our principles and we want to be here for the long-haul. As we strive offer you the best we have proudly chosen not to offer products like Oakley or Ray Ban or any of the brands that are made by Luxottica; the company that is trying to monopolize the industry and squeeze the life out of more intimate businesses like ours. We are proud of our independence and the superior quality that affords us. We hope our services and the glasses you purchase from us continue to speak for us, and we thank you for your support and discernment in choosing Clear Lake Eye Center.

For more information on the artificial pricing and quality of products from Luxottica please watch this 60 Minutes episode: