A Comprehensive Examination For Vision Functionality And Eye Health

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A Comprehensive Examination For Vision Functionality And Eye Health

The health of your eyes is a critical component of your overall body health. Just like how your body needs a check-up, your eyes require a comprehensive examination to ensure they are functioning optimally and no complications have arisen. Clear Lake Eye Center has your eyes covered with a comprehensive examination that includes a vision check and eye health check. The experienced doctors at Clear Lake Eye Center provide their patients with top-level quality of care and comfort. These are some of the main reasons you may be in need of an eye exam:

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Vision Functionality

If you are experiencing vision problems, such as blurriness, or trouble focusing on far or near objects, an eye examination can help identify and fix the problem. Vision impairment is most noticeable when doing activities such as reading or driving. People that are farsighted have difficulty focusing on near objects, while people suffering from near-sightedness experience blurriness when focusing on distant objects. The comprehensive eye examination at Clear Lake Eye Center includes an eye muscle balance test measuring the ability of your eyes to focus on objects close and distant.

An eye exam to test vision ability is important for patients of all ages. Students and younger patients have to do a lot of reading, both in the classroom and completing their homework. These types of eye tasks require both types of focus and a high level of eye strength. An eye examination can fix vision problems and help students do better in school. Older patients are also in need of an eye test to ensure the eyes persist to function adequately over the years. It is normal to experience Presbyopia around the age of 40 and an examination is needed to prescribe special glasses.

Eye Health

It is so important to stay up to date on the health of your body, and the eyes are no exception. Vision is the window to the world and you want to keep that window clear and healthy. Damaged eyes can lead to a variety of more severe health problems that could have been stopped with a simple eye examination from Clear Lake Eye Center. The eye examination will test and provide care for:

  • Glaucoma- Glaucoma is a disease in most cases that is caused by increased fluid pressure in the eyes. If undetected, it can cause permanent nerve damage and vision loss. With a proper eye examination, glaucoma can be diagnosed and treated. The doctors at Clear Lake Eye Center will prescribe mediation to lower the pressure in the eyes.
  • Macular Degeneration- The wet form of macular degeneration can lead to the scariest vision issue of them all, immediate vision lost if not caught. This is why an eye examination is so crucially important because when diagnosed in time, the problem can be addressed. It is not worth the risk, come in for an examination today.
  • Diabetes- Vision loss and changes is a serious reality for diabetic patients. They require active monitoring of eye health to remain aware of the effects the disease is having. After examination, doctors will communicate with the patient’s physician to report on how their eye health pertains to the diabetes and their overall health.

Eye health is so important to continue to monitor with regular eye examinations. Most issues can be treated if detected in time.

Eye Irritation

Eye irritation can be a major inconvenience and annoyance if gone uncared for Dry eye is a form of eye irritation that many patients experience. Dry eyes, commonly known to cause redness and itchiness, are usually nothing more than a pain and frustration, but they can be fixed to provide comfort. There is no point living day after day constantly rubbing and scratching your burning eyes. The doctors at Clear Lake Eye Center will treat your dry eye so your eyes can be happy again.

Eye irritation also includes any minor vision problem that you are experiencing that needs examined. If something seems to bother you every day and negatively affect your vision, it may grow into a larger problem then it currently is. Eye irritation is a glaring sign that your eyes are not perfect and could benefit from an eye examination. Clear Lake Eye Center will help diagnose the problem and provide your eyes the care they need.

Contact Clear Lake Eye Center and book an appointment for your next comprehensive eye examination. It is a smart move towards better vision functionality, improved eye health, and combating eye irritation.


  • James Harvon says:

    It is essential to get regular eye exams. I like how it was mentioned that eye problems can lead to worse illnesses. This is often something overlooked. Vision is extremely important and needs to be properly taken care of.

  • Sam Fisher says:

    I’ve always found our eyes to be marvelous little things. They give us the gift of sight. With that in mind, it is very important to take care of them. Like you said, it would be wise to go see an eye doctor if you are experiencing any kind of eye problems. One can only wonder how far the medical field will advance in the future.

  • Jason Strong says:

    Getting our eyes checked on a regular basis is so important. This helps yourself and doctors see and catch any problems early on so that it doesn’t affect your eyes to badly. It’s just a matter of finding a good eye doctor that can take care of you.

  • With our eyes, we really need to take care of them since they are the only ones we have. You are right that we should always visit the eye doctor regularly for exams. They would be able to see if you are contracting any diseases. Plus, they would be able to tell you what you could do to help keep your eyes healthy.

  • You suggested that if you are experiencing vision problems, such as blurriness, or trouble focusing on far or near objects, an eye examination can help identify and fix the problem. My mom celebrated her 75th birthday and while at her party she was having a ton of problems seeing her presents. As you get older does the eye exam start to change or do they look for specific things?

    • clearlake says:

      Hi Derek, we perform exams for all ages. While we do concentrate on different aspects of the eyes based on the age of the patient, the exams in general are similar. The reason for that is because our exams are very comprehensive. While some doctors only check certain things for an age group, and others for another age group, we would check everything regardless of the age group so that we don’t miss out on early detection of certain eye conditions.

  • Thank you for the information regarding the importance of regular eye examinations, and how it can help prevent dangerous diseases for the eyes. I found it interesting when you said that eye examinations can help identify and fix various vision problems. By fixing any vision problems the patient may be having, it reduces their chance of having impairment when doing various activities.

  • I like how you said that eye exams are important because they can help you prevent having health problems in the future. I had no idea that diabetes could result in the loss of your vision. My grandfather is considering vision services within optometrist because he can’t afford to put his health at any more of a risk.

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